Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Key to NCAA Tournament Success

You can talk about match-ups and strategy all you want, but success in the NCAA tournament comes down to one simple fact: teams will solid guards advance in March.

There are numerous close games in the tournament. Often it comes down to a bounce here or there late in the game. Sometimes it’s pure luck. Sometimes it’s pure fortune. But more times than not, guards are involved in the deciding action.

It helps to have veterans ones particularly at the point. Not essential, but important. Mid-major teams do well at this time of the year because they possess upperclassmen including at the guard spots.

Guards particular point ones (the basketball quarterback) win games this time of year in a number of ways. Often they are outstanding free throw shooters. Many can shoot a deadly three ball. Penetration is also important to either take it to the basket or dish to an open teammate.

So watch the guards in this year’s tournament. The teams with good ones have an advantage and the ones with poor ones will struggle. You can take it to the bank including the bank shot.

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