Thursday, April 4, 2013

NCAA Basketball: Strange Coaching Hire

Sometimes I just shake my head at my neighbors in Minnesota.

After the University of Minnesota fired basketball coach Tubby Smith, the Gophers needed to make an impressive hire. But apparently nobody wanted the job. I do know the rumor that one of the student managers even turned down the job isn’t true.

The Gophers welcome Rich Pitino to the job. Yes, Pitino is the son of the famous Louisville coach Rick Pitino. Yes, the guy has good blood lines but can he mold a so-so Big Ten contender into something better.

Kid Pitino had one successful season at Florida International. He will be doing on the job training in one of the toughest basketball leagues in America. Remember, Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State isn’t Florida International.

Minnesota took forever to make their selection. As the process played out, you knew others were making their selection not to take the Gopher job.

If you are Kid Pitino there is little risk. If you are Minnesota, there is great risk.

The Gophers haven’t exactly been making waves in the money sports of football and basketball lately. This hire may continue the tread.

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