Saturday, March 15, 2014

Doc Sadler: Iowa State Basketball Secret Weapon

  You see him on the Iowa State sidelines with a loosed tie. He will occasionally bark out instructions from his bench seat or visit with a player after his boss takes him out of the game. Doc Sadler is Iowa State’s Fred Hoiberg’s go-to-guy. If Hoiberg is Iowa State’s Batman, Sandler becomes Robin.
  Hoiberg knows how fortunate Iowa State is to have Sadler on the payroll. Sadler was the head coach at two Division I stops—Nebraska and UTEP (Texas –El Paso). Sadler knows all about the rigors of being a head coach in the pressure cooker of college basketball.
  College basketball coaches have egos. But it takes a sure lesson in humility when a head coach falls to the assistant line. Sadler seems okay with it. And it appears Hoiberg and Sadler have a good relationship.
  Hoiberg came to Iowa State a few years ago with zero head coaching experience. Yes, he had NBA player and front office duties on his resume, but like a good CEO, he knew he needed expertise. Bobby Lutz was a great hire as a former head coach. After a few years in between, Hoiberg grabbed Sandler away from Kansas.
  You think Doc had any insight in drawing up a plan to defeat the Jayhawks last night (Friday) in the Big 12 Tournament?

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