Friday, August 27, 2010

Iowa State Makes Nice Jesture

The Iowa State athletic department announced yesterday that it will honor former Cyclone basketball coach Johnny Orr in a special way.

Soon to come to Hilton Coliseum will be a life-like statue of Orr and a bar-type area so that fans can remember and celebrate the Orr era at Iowa State. There will be various memorabilia of the time as well.

Orr was the must successful coach (wins) in Iowa State basketball history and put the sport at the school on the map. He came out on the court to the familiar Johnny Carson theme from the Tonight Show. Even opposing coaches, players and fans were struck by the Orr entrance.

Orr loved fans and still does. He still receives warm receptions and congratulations on his Iowa State accomplishments.

Congratulations to Iowa State for making this move. Johnny Orr is Iowa basketball and will be for long, long time.

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