Monday, September 26, 2011

Texas A&M Moves Forward

The Southeast Conference officially welcomed Texas A&M to its league over the weekend. The Aggies will compete in the SEC beginning next season.

Although some Big 12 Conference members were threatening to sue A&M for leaving their group, one knew this thing would eventually become settled. The football marriage had ended and the Aggies already claimed another lover.

But A&M now must survive its final year in the Big 12. The Aggies are officially the most marked team in the league. Few teams will have difficulty becoming inspired for their game with the Aggies. For a reference point, see Nebraska and Colorado (two other departed members) last year.

I will miss the Aggies in the Big 12. They compete well in the two sports (football and men’s basketball) people closely follow. And even if A&M won’t admit it, I’m sure they will miss the rivalries in the conference especially with the Texas schools.

But things in college sports are in a flux and it is going to become hard to hang on to the good ‘ole days. A&M believes it will move up in the college sports world. The real question begs whether the Aggies will meet the great challenge or wished they stayed with the status quo.

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