Saturday, February 13, 2010

Carolina Blues

North Carolina won its third game in the ACC today. Yes, the same Carolina team that won the national championship last year and seem to compete for the title each season.

The victory over North Carolina State keep the Tar Heels out of last place in the conference. They are only 3-7 (14-11 overall).

Forget about defending the national championship , Carolina probably won't even make the tournament.

How bad Carolina has slipped this season came home to me about two weeks ago when it played Virginia in Chapel Hill. Virginia just crushed the Tar Heels in their backyard. Yes, that was surprising but something else caught my eye. Toward the end of the game coach Roy Williams put his deep reserves in. That act has happened many times before, but when they were doing the crushing. I then realized how far Carolina has fallen.

New players and injuries have plagued Williams' team. The Tar Heels are getting a taste of what average or below average teams often experience.

It's a sickness, but Carolina is having difficulty finding a cure. One problem is that the Tar Heels don't have much experience being sick.

Apparently, this season it is time for such experience.

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