Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Christmas List--College Style

With my apologies to the song, “All I want for Christmas,” I present my top 10 wishes college style in no particular order.

•I want LSU and Alabama to play a 3-0 game in the BCS football title game. That baseball score would cause another great outcry about teams playing twice in a season including for the national championship.

•Baylor’s Robert Griffin III to return to school for another season. That seems highly unlikely so I hope he gets drafted by a team that will display his many talents.

•That the University of Louisiana-Lafayette receives more television time. How can you not fall in love with its nickname—the Ragin’ Cajuns?

•That the so called expects will quit picking on the Independence Bowl. I have been to Shreveport, Louisiana. It isn’t that bad. There are worst places.

•Please tone down the hype on the Rose Bowl game. It isn’t that special anymore even though people still call it the “Granddaddy” of the bowls. I think Granddaddy passed away a few years back.

•That the Big Ten Conference will truly change the football divisions named “Leaders” and “Legends.” Sorry, but it still sounds strange.

•That people will really believe Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz when he says he will remain the Hawkeye coach after another series of rumors. Why would a guy that has big time control of his program and makes $3.8 million per year really think about departing for another job?

Smaller schools complaining about the lack of love compared to the larger ones. Show it on the football field or basketball court and then get back to me.

•Teams like North Carolina, Kentucky, Syracuse or other traditional basketball powers not making the NCAA Final Four basketball. We need a couple new teams in that party to make it interesting.

•More Dick Vitale. The guy is a showman and has a great gig. He is good entertainment.

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