Wednesday, September 26, 2012

College Coaches on the Hot Seat

Speculation is one interesting aspect of sports and it takes various forms.

Yesterday, I heard about a website called “Coaches Hot Seat.” It lists ( the top 10 college football coaches who are apparently fighting (speculation) for their jobs this season.

I won’t cover the entire list in case you are interested in going to the site. The site contains other interesting information such as coaches’ salaries, coaches’ contracts etc.

Boston College’s Frank Spaziani is listed No. 1. Boston is a pro sports town. Fighting for fan interest is a tough job at Boston College. Pity Spaziani and the men’s basketball coach. Translation: the football coach at Boston College is always on the hot seat.

Idaho’s Robb Akey is No. 2. I have never heard of Akey and know little about the Vandal program.

There is a joker at No. 7—Joker Phillips of Kentucky. The Kentucky football program is a major challenge. First problem, Kentucky is a basketball school. Second problem, Kentucky competes in the best football conference in America (SEC). Those two elements are (pardon the pun) no joking matter.

Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz is No. 8. I blogged Monday that despite the Iowa fan’s outcry about Ferentz after the upset loss to Central Michigan, Ferentz is going nowhere. Ferentz’s buyout is huge. This website talks how one-sided Ferentz’s contact is. It rips the Iowa administration for apparently giving the coach tremendous leverage.

I’m sure the list will change as the season goes along. Wins and losses will affect the speculation. That’s what makes the coaching ebbs and flows interesting.

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