Friday, September 7, 2012

Throwback Uniforms

I must be missing something here.

What are all these sport teams fascination with wearing throwback uniforms?

Iowa and Iowa State renew their big football rivalry tomorrow (Saturday) in Iowa City. And surprise, surprise, the Hawkeyes will wear uniforms from the past.

Normally, I am a guy who likes the past because it doesn’t require change. But get a gripe sports teams. The uniforms of the old days should stay in the old days. If you need an old uniform fix, fire up the ‘ole eight millimeters projector and enjoy the view.

America is a strange place in terms of old things. We celebrate old cars and other collector’s items, but we are quick to throw away old TVs and slightly used clothing. And yet, people buy these throwback jerseys like there are some special trinkets.

So, I guess these old uniforms must fits in the celebration old category. I say this with a gulp in the throat, “Where are the Oregon Duck’s uniforms when we need them.”

What are your thoughts on throwback uniforms?


Anonymous said...

I dont mind the throwbacks once in a while but think they are over used the last 3 or 4 years. Not to mention some are real ugly.

Paul Delger said...

I think over used is the proper term. Are teams just trying to sell merchandise or what?