Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Mighty Have Fallen

Place the Notre Dame Fighting Irish into the category of “Oh how the mighty have fallen.”

Notre Dame will join the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) in all sports except football and hockey. The Irish will escape a crippled Big East Conference. The news was announced Wednesday

On another news day, say 5-10 years ago, Notre Dame and conference realignment would pose big news. But not anymore. The Irish is just another college sports program.

Notre Dame lost its larger than life status already a number of years ago. It’s once mighty football program that won national championships is now mediocre at best. We all know that Notre Dame will probably never return to its glory days. Like most college sports programs, the Irish feed off their football program.

Putting it all in perspective, Notre Dame football and its athletic programs are yesterday’s news.

The Irish cut the best deal they could with the ACC. They will keep their football independence but be required to play several ACC opponents each season. I sense it will only become a matter of time however before Notre Dame becomes a full-fledged football member of the ACC.

Notre Dame and the ACC can spin it anyway in the press they wish, this marriage isn’t that special. If it was special, it would not be happening.

Notre Dame’s cookie is crumbling and the ACC is just picking up the crumbs.

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