Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Big 12 Conference Should Step Up

Conference realignment is again a hot topic with the announcement of Maryland and Rutgers moving to the Big Ten.

I thought this conference realignment stuff was on hold for a time, but the Big Ten move shocked me. Now, the league will expand to 14 members and qualify for the “super” conference tag.

This action obviously has a ripple effect on other conferences and schools. The so called quiet time in collegiate athletics has become the nervous time again. What will happen to the Big East and ACC? Will more conferences raid their schools?

One conference that should take action is the Big 12. The league needs two more teams to return to the magic number of 12. This will enable the league to host a conference football championship again. The Big 12 is currently the only major conference without a championship game.

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby stated this past summer that he was comfortable with the 10-team league, but the realignment game has changed again. Unfortunately, the game is either pick your new members or be in danger of having your members picked. The Big 12 needs to use the pick strategy.

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