Friday, November 16, 2012

Pierre Jackson: Big-Time at Baylor University

Baylor point guard Pierre Jackson is simply enjoyable to watch. Well, maybe not if you are the opposing team’s coach or fans.

Jackson is Baylor’s most valuable player and makes the Bears a dangerous team.

The Las Vegas native has already garnered Play-of-the-Year Preseason Honors in the Big 12 Conference. Jackson, a junior college transfer, put together a solid season a year-a go for Baylor. He quarterbacked the team, made key shots, made scoring assists and hit critical free throws. The guy averaged 13.8 points per game last season.

Yesterday, I watched Jackson destroy Boston College in one of those holiday-type tournaments. He was all over the floor and scored 31 points. He shot 10-of-15 field goals including 6-of-10 behind the three-point line. Not bad for a senior who is only 5-10.

One play he made in the Boston College game highlights Jackson’s talent. He tapped the ball away from an opponent but couldn’t directly go to the ball. So, he darted around the player and picked up the ball on the other side. It was like he was tapping the ball to himself. Amazing! Or by the way, this short guy can dunk too.

Keep your on eyes on No. 55. He promises to be involved in most of the Baylor activity on the court.

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