Friday, May 6, 2011

Say It Ain't So, Gus

Sports Illustrated is reporting that Gus Johnson and CBS have parted ways.

If the news is correct, Johnson will no longer call NCAA basketball games for the “eye” network. According to the report, many young viewers enjoy Johnson.

I’m not young, but I appreciate his work. Gus is plenty excitable and it rubs off. He has his own signature words and I love the one “pure.” Johnson shouts that out when a player hits a clean jump shot.

Johnson has done college CBS games for 16 (I think) years. He will be missed. Jim Nance is serviceable, but Johnson is the better announcer. Johnson probably knew that Nance would not release his No. 1 announcer position soon.

But Johnson shouldn’t be totally gone. Hopefully, the Big Ten Network will continue its association with Gus. That way, I can still receive my fix of “pure” calls. I have to have some reason to watch the Big Ten Network.

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