Monday, August 8, 2011

Coach Speak

One of college coaches (and all coaches really) biggest jobs is playing the public relations role. It just goes with the job.

The college football season is less than a month away. Training camps have begun. Coaches are trying to tell their fans what the fans want to hear. Whether your team is projected to finish 10-2 or 2-10, have five-star players or one-star athletes, coaches are selling hope. But usually fans are perceptive about their particular team despite the coach’s comments.

There has been plenty of talk about Russell Wilson playing quarterback at the University of Wisconsin this fall. Wilson as I have noted before transferred from North Carolina State. Wilson was a three-year starter for the Wolfpack plus an all-ACC performer.

The Badgers held their media day Sunday in Madison. Coach Brent Bielema maintained again that Wilson must earn the starting job. That’s all fine and good, but it’s classic coach-speak. Every Badger fan from La Crosse to Milwaukee and beyond knows Wisconsin didn’t bring Wilson in to play second or third string Folks, it is the worst kept secret in the state of Wisconsin. Bielema is trying to motivate Wilson (Wilson is highly motivated on his own) and keep the morale high among the other quarterbacks. Barring injury, it will only become a matter of time before Wilson is officially named the starting quarterback.

Once that occurs, Bielema will focus on some other coach speak. It’s as normal as leaves changing colors in the fall.

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