Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ready for College Football

The regular season cannot start soon enough for this college football fan. The reason is plain and simple: I’m tried of discussing all the challenges in the college football world and I want to focus on some actual games.

It seems like three years since Auburn was crowned 2010 champions. There has been so much negative off field stuff going on that puts a black mark on the game.

The following are only a few examples of the mess in college football.

Auburn’s association with quarterback Cam Newton doesn’t go away. Auburn claims it did nothing wrong with Newton’s recruitment. If this is true, how come people are still talking about whether Newton will lose his Heisman Trophy and/or Auburn will have to give back its national championship trophy?

Jim Tressel lost his coaching job at Ohio State for withholding information about the now famous tattoo incident. Tressel said that he didn’t have the information and then admitted later that he did. The NCAA is still not finished with Ohio State over this incident.

Recruiting services have been cited for having questionable dealings with some schools. Did these services created an unfair advantage for the involved universities?

Texas A&M’s flirting with the Southeastern Conference has been well documented here. The final chapter hasn’t been obviously written, but you get the sense the hard feelings with its present league (the Big 12) will continue regardless of what happens.

Do you now know why I am ready for some real football?

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