Friday, August 12, 2011

Unrest in the Big 12 Conference Again

So much for the happy family vibes the remaining Big 12 Conference members portrayed after Colorado and Nebraska left.

Word out of Texas this week is that Texas A&M is unhappy and exploring membership with the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The story gained steam when A&M graduate and Texas Governor Rick Perry mentioned it in a press conference.

Apparently, the Aggies aren’t pleased with Texas, its new network and the Longhorns desire to televise high school football games. The Big 12 Conference recently told Texas it cannot do the high school games at least for a year while the conference waits direction from the NCAA.

I’m sure there are numerous league teams upset with Texas but most are refraining from stating public opinions. Reportedly, Nebraska didn’t appreciate the Longhorns attitude and that was one reason the Huskers fled to the Big Ten Conference.

But Texas will always be Texas and dominate the money and exposure in the Big 12. Whether you like them or not, the league needs the Longhorns.

But does the conference need the Aggies? Probably not. The Big 12 could probably snatch a team from some other conference. The Aggies, on the other hand, need the Big 12. A&M has close natural rivals now (Texas, Texas Tech and Baylor) and if it flees to the SEC, the Aggies will lose that and become a stepchild in the SEC.

But it might become a moot point anyway. The SEC might not be interested in the Aggies. They really don’t carry much star power nationally and the SEC might deem the league is better off with the current arrangement.

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