Friday, November 4, 2011

The College Football Diet

If you are trying to wean yourself from watching too much college football on TV Saturday, this is a great weekend to accomplish the feat.

Other than the huge LSU-Alabama game Saturday night, the offerings are really slim.
You might want to flip over to Kansas State-Oklahoma State (also in primetime) on occasion. The explosive Cowboys are receiving serious national attention and can score points in a hurry. Kansas State was an item until it was thumped by Oklahoma in Manhattan. The Wildcats don’t seem to pose much of a threat playing Oklahoma State in Stillwater.

The laugher game in primetime is Notre Dame-Wake Forest. That’s the other regional game on ABC besides Oklahoma State-Kansas State. I say laugher game because are you serious: Notre Dame-Wake Forest in primetime? Who exactly will watch that game? Who really cares?

So all-in-all, it’s a good day to wash the car, rake some leaves and clean out the garage or basement. You will have plenty of time before LSU-Alabama starts.

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