Monday, November 28, 2011

College Football's Other Season

The end of the college football regular season is fast approaching. Many teams have completed their regular seasons. Others will next week followed by a bowl game. So it’s time for college football’s other season to begin—the season of coach firings.

The housing industry is in difficult shape but it will receive a little boost in the next several weeks because of the coaching movement. Some fans wanted to put real estate signs in their coach’s lawns in support of their firing. Some fans’ wishes have been granted.

It’s never a good thing when a coach is rumored for the pink slip and comes out with a statement such as “We are making good progress despite the record. We just need more time to turn this thing around. I haven’t heard anything specific about my status.”

Well, several coaches have indeed heard about their status. The house needs to go up for sale.

Kansas coach Turner Gill probably earns this year’s lack of longevity award. Gill was fired over the weekend after just two years as the Jayhawk’s head man.

Over at Illinois, Ron Zook helped his team to a 6-0 start. Then the Illini preceded to loss six straight and Zook was done. I’m surprised he lasted this long. It seems the former Florida was frequently on the hot seat over his tenure at Illinois.

Mississippi’s Houston Nutt resigned during the season. That was one of those wording deals. A common occurrence. The athletic director says something like ‘Either you resign, or we will fire you.”

Those are only three firing examples. There are obviously others. And more to come.

It’s college football’s other season. Just like other seasons, there are both winners and losers. Fans, coaches and real estate agents all agree.

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