Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Duke's Mike Krzyzewski Record Will Remain

Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski became the No. 1 coach in college wins last night when the Blue Devils defeated Michigan State. “Coach K” now has 903 wins, one better than his mentor Bobby Knight.

Coach K will add a bunch of victories to that total before he retires. But I seriously doubt that anyone will break his record. Records are meant to be broken as the saying goes, but this one is officially now off limits.

There aren’t enough coaches in the business that will last as long as the Coach K's, Bobby Knights and Adolph Rupps. With the massive salaries head coaches make in these times, what is the real incentive to attempt to break the record? Coaches now can put in a limited number of years, take their money and retire to the golf course. Plus, why put yourself through the rigors of college basketball for 30 years? The shelf life of college coaches is just different in this era.

That’s why Coach K's record is so remarkable. The guy has won a huge amount of games in a long period of time. It’s definite history and real cause for celebration.

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