Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Damon Evans has Problems

About a week ago, I didn't know Damon Evans existed yet alone was the athletic director at the University of Georgia. But that all changed when Evans found himself with a DUI charge.

Evans became a news maker for the wrong reasons. At the time of the arrest, an Atlanta columnist cried out for Evan's resignation. Well, it took a while, but Evans did quit at Georgia.

These things are always difficult to figure out. Did Evans resign by his own free will or did the Georgia administration help him decide? Either way, it is a sad situation.

As the Atlanta columnist said, how can Evans post drinking-and-driving messages on the board at football games when he himself is caught with a DUI?

I hope the guy realizes he has a problem and seeks help. He should also repair his family situation. The night of his arrest, a woman (not Evans' wife) was in the car with him and according to police reports he had some red women's panties on his person.

Evans will receive a nice severance package. Take the money, get help and show your children that you truly love them by loving their mother.

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