Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Want Some Good College Sports News

Maybe I am too pessimistic, but doesn't it seem every day we hear in the news about a college player, coach or program in trouble?

Have you ever wondered why that is? Do people only want to hear the bad news about somebody or something else? Is it a case of comparing people and situations to ourselves and saying, "Hey, we're not so bad after all."

The Internet's 24-hour news cycle has made the bad news worse. If the news never sleeps like in the old days (with just newspapers, TV and radio), content needs constant attention. And obviously, bad news is easier to sell (or put out there) than the good news. And media people thought it was tough breaking a story first in the old days. Now, the competition is fierce.

Media does provide some good college sports stories. We enjoy those pieces about athletes or coaches who made wrong choices and turned their situations around. We cheer from a far when we hear of players or coaches who are successful in their sport and are genuine good people. Case-in-point, it was difficult to cheer against Tim Tebow unless you didn't agree with his religious views or you really hated the Florida Gators. The guy used his popularity for the good of others. He also loves his mother.

But I wish to hear more positive stories. Can't we balance this coverage out? How about if the media gives us one positive story to ever two negative stories?

Athletes in Action, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, sends dozens of college-type coaches, athletes and other people in various sports to different parts of the world each summer. They play games and they serve people and communities. We need to see more of those stories online, in the paper, radio and TV. Good, solid and positive stories.

We will always have the bad news with us. I'm just asking for a little more balance in the news world. It would help brighten my day. How about you?

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