Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hawkins Hopes to See the Pac-10 Conference

I have written in this space before about Colorado football coach Dan Hawkin's plight. He is in trouble and needs to win big in 2010. Rumor has it that he would have been fired after the 2009 season if Colorado had the severance pay. Was that really an issue? I'm thinking one of two boosters could have written that check, buy anyway...

Hawkins is in this position because he has lost twice as many games as he has won in Boulder. He has a mark of 16-33 in four seasons and the Big 12 record is equally dismal at 10-22.

I bring this all up because yesterday I read a profile on Colorado's upcoming season. Will Hawkins survive one more season let alone two seasons before Colorado officially joins the Pac-10?

The Buffs have an interesting 2010 schedule. They play non conference games again California and Georgia. In the league, they must play Oklahoma but escape Texas. With Colorado leaving the Big 12, you can imagine its opponents giving it a little extra when they face the Buffs. So Colorado has two huge marks on its targeted heads: the Big 12 thing and the Hawkins thing. The Buffs' schedule could play difficult.

The eyes of the college football world will focus on Hawkins. He is the Colorado story these days. It's safe to say that if things don't quickly turn around, there will be no reason to carry Hawkins contract into the Pac-10 era.

Even the famous Colorado mascot, Ralphie, could make that determination.

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