Monday, October 17, 2011

Iowa State Cyclones Hit the Skids

The Iowa State football team has played only six games this season, but the contrast is frightening.

Iowa State surprisingly won its first three games despite committing numerous turnovers. Northern Iowa, Iowa and UCONN couldn’t take full advantage of the errors.

The Cyclones have continued the mistakes against Texas, Baylor and Missouri and the final result has not been pretty. Iowa State has suffered three blowout losses.

So the Cyclones are at 3-3. Sadly, they should be favored in only one remaining game. Kansas comes to Ames on Nov. 5 but other than that, the schedule looks bleak. Even more so, if Iowa State keeps turning the ball over, the scores could remain real ugly.

Playing giveaway and playing the likes of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Kansas State, does not bode well for the Cyclones.

Coach Paul Rhoads has fashioned an upset the last two seasons: Nebraska in 2009 and Texas in 2010, so the magic is still possible. But as the coaches say, Iowa State will need to play a near perfect football game for that to happen. Perfection has definitely been a foreign word to this team so far this season.

Iowa State needs to reverse the negative trend quickly or this season will become disaster just as quickly.


Anonymous said...

No bowl game this year

Paul Delger said...

Yes, it will take a miracle now.