Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Enjoyed This One

HappI must admit I didn’t watch much of the college football bowl buffet yesterday (Monday), but the game I did view was a dandy.

I watched Georgia-Michigan State in the Outback Bowl for two reasons: the potential of an interesting matchup and the game was in high definition on my television.

The game didn’t disappoint me.

If you didn’t watch the contest, you would have thought the final score (33-30 in triple overtime) was a result of a slugfest. That wasn’t the case especially in the overtime periods.

This game actually featured some defense a strange sight in modern college football. And there were only nine total points scored in the overtimes all on field goals.

The final play of the affair was a defensive one. Michigan State blocked the Georgia field goal attempt to claim the victory.

I’m not against offense in college football, but I enjoy seeing some defensive stands too. This game restored my faith in that side of the ball.

Actually both teams should have been proud of their defenses. At least now, Georgia and Michigan State won’t be tempted to go out and find new defensive coaches like many schools do this time of year.

Happy New Year.

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