Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reader Wants Me to Provide Some Love

Reader Paul (great first name by the way) read my blog post on Iowa State yesterday and wants me to extend some love to South Dakota State.

Really, Paul, what have the Jackrabbits done this year to deserve my love? They are no where in the top 25 rankings or even receiving votes. They lost to three average BCS schools (Minnesota Georgia and Nebraska). Granted the Jackrabbits did beat one BCS school (Washington) but that is another average team.

My research also tells me that South Dakota State is 17-6 overall and 9-2 in the Summit League good for second place. Being a mid-major with a good but not glowing overall record means only one thing. They Jackrabbits better win their conference tournament if they want to go to the NCAA tournament.

Paul, if the Jackrabbits accomplish that, get back to me. I will give them some love.

For now, I will give them credit for one thing—a cool nickname.

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