Friday, June 8, 2012

This Basketball Rivalry Heats Up

College basketball player Jared Uthoff’s transfer from Wisconsin to Iowa this week just added more spice in the border state’s rivalry.

Uthoff’s story became a national one when Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan placed major transferring restrictions on a guy that never played a minute for the Badgers. Originally, Ryan said Uthoff couldn’t transfer to any Big Ten or ACC school or places like Marquette or Iowa State. For all we know, Ryan could have added all universities in Iceland and Spain too to the “Don’t Even Think About It” list. But Ryan was viewed as Dr. Evil in the national media and eventually loosened his iron hand.

If Ryan thought Uthoff would eventually end up at Iowa, his hunch was correct. Now in a couple years, the former Iowa Mr. Basketball can suit up against old team and try to beat them.

Uthoff must really want to play for the Hawkeyes. Not only must he sit out the usual one year for transferring, but he will also pay for his own schooling the first year.

My question is why Uthoff didn’t select Iowa out of high school. If it was based upon former Iowa coach Todd Lickliter's win troubles and style of play, I say, “hello.” Yes, Ryan wins at Wisconsin but he plays that same dull controlled offense style Lickliter was using.

Uthoff better bring some earplugs the first time he plays in Madison. The friendly place could become unfriendly in a hurry.

Aren’t rivalries fun?

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