Friday, August 24, 2012

Poster Competition

One great thing of college football that has escaped the technology craze is the wall poster schedule. You know that thing that lists the opponent, date and possibly time of your favorite team’s schedule?

I enjoy those color posters and they look attractive hanging in a den or office cubicle.

Bleacher Report ( recently listed the top 50 posters. Another list, I know. But this one is fun. There are some creative marketing departments out there.

And the winner is…a school just 70 miles down the road from me. The Iowa State Cyclones garnered the top spot with a schedule poster depicting their big win over than No. 2 Oklahoma State last season. The photo portion shows a sea of people on the field after the upset. The poster is both attractive and classy.

Don’t look for the Cyclones to grab the No. 1 ranking on the field, but any No.1 ranking is worth talking about. According to Phil Steele’s preview book, Iowa State has the third toughest 2012 schedule in the country. Last season, the Cyclones played the toughest schedule. Another No. 1 ranking.

Where did your favorite school rank on the 2012 poster schedule list?

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