Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Joe Paterno Statue

Penn State carried off Joe Paterno’s statue last week. It will no longer grace the grounds near Penn State’s football stadium.

Apparently, the statue is now in storage. But will storage be its final resting place? Will Paterno’s family eventually get the likeness?

Even after death, Paterno continues to take his lumps. The latest Paterno fallout occurred when the former Penn State football coach was cited for failing to properly inform authorities about former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky’s activities in the sex case scandal.

Probably worst than the statue removal was the NCAA taking over 100 wins from Paterno. He is no longer the top winner in career wins.

Paterno and his family may not be done taking hits. I wonder what Penn State will do about his name on the library. Then what about the plain blue and white uniforms made famous in the Paterno era? Will they go too? Will officials perform a major housecleaning?

Answers will follow in this continuing saga.

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