Saturday, March 20, 2010

Northern Iowa Rocks College Basketball World

Goodbye, Kansas. Hello, Northern Iowa.

The Panthers truly believed (as I suggested they should in a previous post)and ousted the No. 1 Jayhawks from the NCAA Tournament Saturday afternoon.

Wow, what a game. Northern Iowa played its style and put the foot on the gas when necessary. And when Kansas punched hard a couple times in the second half, the Panthers took the blows.

Ali Farokhmanesh three-point dagger near the end of the game was like, "why is he shooting that shot NOW (with ample time on the shot clock), oh, nice shot."

The Panthers were in control of the game from the beginning. Kansas only led one time at 2-0.

Northern Iowa offered its usual workmanship performance. And on this stage, the Panthers were two points better than mighty Kansas.

These Panthers are forcing their way into the hearts of college basketball fans across the land. They are Sweet 16 bound. Why stop now? St. Louis here they come.

Can Northern Iowa continue its magical ride. You bet it can. These players will continue to believe.

And for good reason. This bunch is truly believable.

2 comments: said...

The outcome was a shocker and a real bracket buster! I am very disappointed Kansas lost because many of my brackets are now busted. Oh well, maybe I'll win the $5,000 prize in Yahoo's Second Chance Pick Em Game.

Paul Delger said...

Yes, quite a few brackets fell. It's fun cheering for the underdog. I would like to see Northern Iowa goe to the Final 4.