Monday, February 21, 2011

Nobody Wants No. 1

It was a wild weekend in college basketball. Is the pressure getting to the top ranked teams or are they just tired due a long season?

If the top teams are in vacation mode, they better return to the hard hats and hammers and get back to work.

I predicted that Texas would become No. 1 after Kansas’ loss last week. Nebraska beating Texas? No way. And before you know it, you see pictures of Nebraska fans storming the court in celebration.

Well, then you figured Ohio State was recovered from its first loss and ready to return to No. 1. However, the Buckeyes proceeded to loss to Purdue which wasn’t surprising. Purdue is a solid team.

So since Duke survived last week, the Blue Devils will become No. 1. Duke has holes in its club too, but somebody must take No. 1.

As I said in an earlier blog, polls don’t mean much. They do help a bit in the NCAA seeding, but there are other formulas the selection committee examines.

I’m sure there are some nervous coaches and fans crying over the weekend losses. Teams want to play well at this time of the season. They want to build momentum for the postseason run. Coaches and fans also reason one loss may build into two or three more and turn into negative momentum.

All schools hope the last game of the season will be a victory and they will be crown champion. But only one school does that. That’s what makes NCAA college basketball frustrating and beautiful within the same sentence.

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