Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vanderbilt's Basketball Court

I love Vanderbilt University’s basketball court.

The court is unique in that the player benches are located on the ends rather than the usual sides.

I caught a glimpse of the court again last night when Vandy was hosting Tennessee. Boise State has its blue turf in college football and Vandy features a far away view for coaches and players in basketball.

Officials must enjoy working at Vanderbilt. Coaches cannot walk up and down the sidelines and yell at you. As long as officials stay in the middle of the court or on the opposite end of the offended coach, you are fine. Officials can perform a better job because they have fewer distractions such as a coach hollering in their ear the entire night. Really folks, I’m not bias toward officials, ha. I have worked games in my previous life, however

Most coaches have difficulty getting the official’s attention at Vanderbilt—all except Tennessee’s Bruce Pearl. Pearl with that bright orange blazer should work road construction for the state of Tennessee instead of wearing it at basketball games.

But if you have never watched a Vandy home game on TV, go ahead and treat yourself. It’s pretty cool.

Is Vandy totally unique in Division I basketball or are there other schools with benches on the ends?

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