Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ground Hog Day and National Signing Day

Tomorrow is the day high school football players can officially declare in writing the college they will attend. Tomorrow is also the day the little creature in Pennsylvania will decide whether we will have six more weeks of winter weather.

I would say both happenings will become a crap shoot.

Regarding the ground hog, weather people cannot even predict the weather. So how can a four-legged fuzzy ball tell us about the weather future?

This high school recruiting is big business. Magazines and other media tell us the can’t-miss-prospects. We wait for our school to make the top 20, top 10, No. 1 etc. We lament that the rich football schools sign all the best prospects year-after-year. We hope our team can find some hidden talent.

Today is a feast or famine for some college coaches. They are desperately trying to hang on to the prospects that agreed to come to their school. But the wolves are out there trying to convince a player to turn on the school and join their school. But on the other side, a coach might land a player they thought they had no change getting.

Some say, national signing day is the most important day in college football. I say it’s a whole lot like ground hog day. These kids are only prospects and who can really predict their success or failure.

Enjoy February 2 whether you are cheering for the ground hog or your favorite school.

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