Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tough Times for Iowa State Basketball

Iowa State basketball coach Fred Hoiberg will receive no sympathy cards from other Big 12 Conference brethren. He may have received a “hang in there” call or two, however.

The Cyclones lost their eight straight last night and fell to 1-10 in the league.

Hoiberg knew year one of this project would be difficult, but even he is probably puzzled. Iowa State started like a race horse (non-conference games) only to fall into the back of the pack as the race continued.

Iowa State had only a few players to start the year. Every body was important. Injuries and suspensions have hit the Cyclones hard.

Still they have been close in a number of games just to fall short. The breaks are not falling Iowa State’s way. Losing is hard. Sometimes players learn to accept it (not a good thing), but I sense Iowa State players are still battling.

Hoiberg was a successful high school, college and NBA player. He also handled the NBA front office job well. He has the track record.

However, Hoiberg is not in a horse race, but a marathon. He’s just getting started. Unfortunately, there have been few offers of water along the route.

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