Monday, January 31, 2011

Iowa Football Team in Turmoil

The Iowa Hawkeye football team has experienced several negative incidents over the last several weeks and months.

The latest was about 10 days ago when 13 players were admitted to the hospital. Too much exercise during workouts was the reported cause. It’s a condition called ‘rhabdomyolysis’ which can develop into serious kidney problems.

Rumors said that the player’s problem was more than excessive exercise. Coach Kirk Ferentz said it was the exercise.

Regardless of what happened, this is bad. It’s bad for the effected players. It’s bad for the entire Iowa football program.

I have often sung the praises of Ferentz. I believe he is a good person and a good coach. But his program is becoming a problem, a big problem. Too many incidents. It is becoming a pattern.

I understand that Ferentz is in charge of about 110 players. He cannot baby sit them all. Players will make bad decisions and find trouble. One or two or three incidents happen, but a pattern of continued bad behavior makes you wonder about the program.

At the end of the day, Ferentz is the CEO of the Iowa football team. He receives serious money for that task. He needs to clean this mess up and in a hurry. Life has consequences and as the football boss, Ferentz should be held to high consequences.

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