Thursday, January 6, 2011

College Announcer Ron Franklin Out at ESPN

I have been following the situation with broadcaster Ron Franklin this week.

Franklin lost his college play-by-play job at ESPN when he apparently called fellow coworker Jeannine Edwards “sweet baby” and she didn’t appreciated it. Edwards does sideline work for ESPN. For my foreign readers, sideline reporters add interesting tidbits about the players, coaches and statistics during the telecast.

ESPN didn’t give Franklin three strikes. He apparently was on watch after another incident with a reporter about five years ago. So in Franklin’s case, two strikes and you’re out.

I enjoyed Franklin’s college football and basketball work. I live in Big Ten and Big 12 country. Franklin did a good job with Big 12 telecasts. He had a pleasing style. I will miss hearing him.

Edwards is also a good reporter. She’s a no nonsense type, but enjoyable. Her main interest is on the horse racing side for ESPN.

It’s really a sad situation. I’m thinking maybe a little give and take from both Franklin and Edwards and this mess would not have exploded.

In the end, Franklin didn’t subscribe to the old saying, “If you don’t have something good to say about somebody, say nothing at all.”

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