Monday, April 30, 2012

NCAA annd NBA Need a New Agreement

The NCAA should not be a minor league for the NBA, but that is exactly what it is.

The present system of forcing players to spend one year in college basketball is bad. The old rule of allowing a high school player to go straight to the NBA should be reinstated. Also, if a player decides to go to college, make him stay at least two years before deciding on the NBA.
Kentucky won the 2012 national championship with several first-year players that later declared for the NBA. People say Kentucky Coach John Calipari is just playing by the rules. I say, change the rules.

Kentucky’ championship was either good or bad for college basketball. If it causes people to analyze this rent-a-player system: great. If it causes other coaches to load up their rosters with one-and-done players: bad.

I have no problem with players taking their talents to the NBA. But I think college basketball should feature students who also want to obtain a college degree. For the most part, players who leave after one season aren’t focusing on getting a degree. They are strictly in college because they are forced to play one year there.

The system is messed up. The NBA probably doesn’t care. The league is receiving players with at least one more year of playing experience with the present rule. The colleges are the ones who should cry foul. Rent-a-player is simply not good for the college game.

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