Monday, October 22, 2012

Bad Weekend for Iowa Major College Football

If you are a fan of either Iowa State or Iowa and somehow missed the games last Saturday, count yourself privileged.

In simple terms, the results were plain ugly.

Iowa State started fast against Oklahoma State scoring a touchdown on its first possession. But Cyclone fans had little to cheer about the rest of the way. Iowa State could muster only three more points as the Cowboys thumped Iowa State 31-10.

Iowa State has some serious offensive problems and that doesn’t help matters in a point-crazy Big 12 Conference. The problem starts at quarterback. Neither Steele Jantz nor Jamie Barnett has moved the offense consistently week-after-week. Jantz started the year at quarterback and Barnett then took over. Saturday, Jantz replaced Barnett in the second half. The spark didn’t happen. The Cyclones have had quarterback problems for two seasons now and it appears the merry-go-round isn’t over yet. Stay tuned for who receives the start next Saturday against Baylor.

Over in Iowa City, the visiting Penn State Lions built a 38-0 lead against Iowa. The Hawks put together two meaningless scores and the final was 38-14. The fans were dressed in black-and-gold according to sections in the stadium. They departed black-and-blue. Fans booed Iowa and senior quarterback James Vandenberg didn’t have a problem with the reaction. I’m not a big supporter of booing college athletes, but the fans were apparently extremely frustrated.

Both Iowa State and Iowa have decent chances of victory this Saturday (Iowa at Northwestern), but both opponents are hungry too. Momentum is a strange component in sports and the Iowa in-state teams need “old mo” back on their sides.

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