Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jerry Sandusky: A Powerful Man

Jerry Sandusky was a powerful man. He destroyed numerous young people, their parents and other relatives. He even dropped a leading university—Penn State—to its knees. Sandusky betrayed his wife and family too.

Indeed, Sandusky was a powerful man.

But thankfully Sandusky’s power is officially over. He was sentenced yesterday (Tuesday) to a minimum of 30 years for the Penn State sex scandal. If he survives his prison time, he would be released well into his late 90s.

As I have written before, there are many terrible things about this situation. The suffering caused by Sandusky is ongoing. In a sense, it will never end until people are taken from this life. But the saddest thing is a lack of Sandusky’s remorse. He maintained his innocence the day before the sentencing. He claims he did no wrong.

I am no psychologist but maybe there is something in Sandusky’s brain that blocks out all the terrible acts he committed. Even if Sandusky lives in fantasy world, he will live his days out in a jail cell.

Reality is now making Sandusky suffer—a reality he created.

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