Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coaches and Media Do Feud

It seems South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier and a South Carolina newspaper columnist Ron Morris are showing their displeasure for each other again.

Recently, Spurrier expressed his fury with a Morris column that the coach thought was negative. Some say Spurrier wants to influence the firing of Morris.

Apparently, these two have been bickering since Spurrier coached at Florida. So it isn’t really news except I think the ‘ole ball coach (Spurrier) likes his name in the news, so in certain aspects Spurrier is a news magnet.

Coaches and media people have feuded for years. Some coaches think the so called “hometown media” should only say nice things about their teams and coaches. But any media person learns quickly the objective is balance and fairness. Some media people deserve the coaches’ ire. Some comments are plain cheap shots at coaches and teams.

Deep down inside, most media people want the teams they cover to be successful. It makes the media’s job easier. I have gone in a locker room or two after the home team suffered a big or heart-broken loss. Interviewing coaches and players then becomes difficult.

But media people have a responsible no matter what the outcome. The public wants the outcome explained to them even if it’s bad news.

I hope Morris keeps his job. These two guys need to realize both have a job to do and they need to get over this. Like they said on the playground, “Let’s play fair, boys.”

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