Friday, October 12, 2012

Beano Cook Was Mr. College Football

Beano Cook loved college football and people loved Beano Cook.

Cook died yesterday (Thursday) in Pennsylvania.

Cook made his mark on college football as a commentator. Most people probably remember Beano for his work at ESPN. But, I remember Cook during his days at ABC. He was one of the pioneers of discussing the top Saturday games and predicting a winner. If Beano talked about a particular game, you knew it was a big-time game.

I always thought Beano carried East Coast-bias. A Pittsburgh guy, he seemed to carry a great fondness for East Coast teams particularly Penn State. But I enjoyed the guy’s college football knowledge and his dry sense of humor. He was more statesman-like than just your average football commentator. A student of history, Beano weaved that into his commentary.

Yes, Cook was one of a kind. We will never experience a college football commentator like Beano again. The word legend is an overused word in sports today. But, Beano was truly a legend.

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