Monday, October 29, 2012

Iowa Football Team in Funk

After Iowa lost its second consecutive game Saturday, Hawkeye Athletic Director Gary Barta made a statement. You realize things are really bad when Barta starts making statements.

In this election year, Barta is throwing his full support behind the Iowa program.

I guess Barta felt the need to express some comments after Northwestern handled the Hawkeyes 28-17 Saturday. The week before Penn State totally destroyed Iowa.

Iowa is a mediocre 4-4 and needs at least two more wins to become bowl eligible. The best chances appear Saturday at Indiana and next week hosting Purdue. The two other remaining games (Michigan and Nebraska) appear out of reach.

But this is how far the Hawkeye program has fallen this season. Iowa fans are talking about “just” winning enough to become bowl eligible.

Coach Kirk Ferentz is obviously taking lots of heat. But the veteran coach isn’t going anywhere with a long-term contact and an expensive buyout. Plus, Iowa changes head coaches about as often as The Des Moines Register newspaper endorses a Republican for President of the United States. For my international readers, that isn’t often in either case.

Senior quarterback James Vanderberg is also catching fan’s ire. But Vanderberg isn’t going anywhere either. Ferentz is loyal to players and coaches and probably won’t make a change at quarterback. The Hawkeyes will continue to lifv or die with Vanderberg.

These last four games will be interesting. Can Iowa save its season? Or will the critics grow louder?

It’s never simple with Iowa Hawkeye sports. That’s a sure vote.

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