Monday, October 1, 2012

Did I Really Watch a Football Game or a Basketball Game?

Big 12 Conference newcomer West Virginia will play Baylor at least twice in the upcoming basketball season. If you took a peak at the West Virginia-Baylor football game Saturday or at least saw the score, you might have reasoned the “hoop boys” started early.

Final score: West Virginia 70, Baylor 63.

If you enjoy scoring, this game was for you. If you enjoy football, this game was not for you. Memo to both West Virginia and Baylor: play some defense.

I get the fact that in this age of spread offenses, the scores will become elevated. But come on guys, play some defense. Have some pride. This isn’t a video game. This is real football.

West Virginia’s quarterback Geno Smith is a Heisman Trophy contender. The senior threw for seven touchdowns Saturday. I don’t know whether to congratulation Smith or pity the Baylor defense.

Baylor quarterback Nick Florence’s arm received a workout too. I think the senior tossed five or six touchdown passes. I lost count. Shame on the West Virginia defense.

If you are the defensive coordinator at West Virginia or Baylor this week, where do you start? You probably should burn the game film and go back to the basics. “This is a football and our goal is to keep it out of the end zone.”

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