Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hoiberg Can Make Impact Sooner

First, the good news. The Iowa State men's basketball team has another open scholarship. The bad news is that another player departed.

LaRon Dendy, a 6-9 junior forward, told coach Fred Hoiberg he is leaving. Iowa State fans are at the point to really say, "Whatever or So What."

The Cyclones are down to only three scholarship players from last season's squad. Even before former Cyclone Coach Greg McDermott left, the "help wanted" sign was already up.

Basketball commentators are fond of using the phase "When blank gets his own players, then we will see what kind of coach he is." Based on all the player defections, we should be able to grade Hoiberg sooner than later. True, he has a few of McDermott's players and his recruits, but playing time is wide open in Ames, Iowa. If you can play, you WILL play for Hoiberg.

Hoiberg should find eager players ready to buy into his system. There will also be less focus on what McDermott said or did. Hoiberg will definitely put his stamp on his first team at Iowa State.

Dendy's departure reminds me of another area--free throw shooting. Being as nice as I can, Dendy was a terrible free throw shooter. Many of his former teammates were poor free throw shooters as well. Hoiberg was an excellent free throw shooter in his day. Hopefully, Hoiberg's team will take after him rather than last season's team.


Paul Delger said...

I think Fred "The Mayor" Hoiberg will do fine. Iowa State fans are some of the most patient in the nation and they will need patience

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