Friday, May 14, 2010

Talking Missouri in the Big Ten

According to media reports, Missouri would definitely listen to the Big Ten if it approached the Tigers about membership. That was the public response. I say the Tigers behind closed doors response would be "Where do we sign?"

Missouri apparently feels unloved in the Big 12. One example is that Iowa State received a better bowl game last season than Missouri despite the Tigers having a better record and beating the Cyclones.

Like seeing a beautiful girl from a distance, Missouri does have appeal for the Big Ten. The Tigers are a strong academic institution in the middle of two fairly large media markets of Kansas City and St. Louis. The Tigers offer successful programs in football and men's basketball. They also provide a passionate fan base.

The Missouri-Illinois rivalry is hot now and it could get hotter if the Tigers join the Illini in the conference. Missouri could also look to the University of Iowa for some heated competition. A few years back, Missouri broke a football contract with the Hawkeyes. That may have caused some bad blood.

Missouri would probably lose its rivalry with Kansas. You figure it loses some appeal if the Tigers leave the Big 12. And Missouri and Nebraska have had some close football games over the years. But if Nebraska jumps too, the schools have a natural rival.

But again as I posted previously, Missouri probably needs the Big Ten more than the Big 10 needs Missouri.

What do you think of Missouri in the Big Ten?

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