Friday, February 1, 2013

College Basketball Officials

There has been a major uproar in Iowa lately about college basketball officials.

In the Iowa State game last Wednesday night, a player-control foul was called in the closing moments on Oklahoma State after the refs were going to give Iowa State’s Chris Babb a chance at the free throw line. The Cyclones ended up getting the ball out-of-bounds and a final shot was no good for the win.

UNI was changed with a critical foul near the end of its game with Indiana State last week. That resulted in three free throws for Indiana State and a UNI defeat.

Overall, officials do a good job in a hostile situation. Their calls are magnified in a close game at the end. If the players take care of their business earlier in the game, it wouldn’t require so many close and exciting games at the end. Then, to many, the officials become non-factors.

My question is why aren’t officials required to answer questions about their performance? Officials are protected like gold at Fort Knox. Coaches and players cannot criticize them (or face punishment). Media cannot ask questions.

Maybe some officials would like to talk but their conference silences them. I think some basic explanations from officials after games would promote good will from coaches, players and certainly fans.

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