Monday, February 18, 2013

Storming the College Basketball Court

Okay, boys and girls quit doing it. No more running on to the basketball court when your team wins. If you don’t quit it now, I will make you write on the blackboard 1,000 times “I will not storm the court.”

We have a new fade in college basketball this season. It’s called “storming the court.” Remember when students occasionally ran out on the court. This year, it seems like it is a right of passage.

Granted we have a number of upsets in the college game but doesn’t the novelty wear off after one time? For example, should the No. 15 ranked school’s fans rush the court after it defeats the No. 13 team?

Before I get labeled as the grumpy Gus, I applaud one school for storming the court. TCU beat Kansas a couple weeks ago in Fort Worth, Texas. How can I say this softly: the Horned Frogs are a terrible team? They have won one conference game and that was the stunner against Kansas. TCU fans never have the opportunity to storm the court and I say good for them. Glad you did it.

But to you other school fans. Pick your spots. Take a stand. Don’t be like your fellow fans. Cheer loudly in the stands and then go home.

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