Friday, November 5, 2010

Alabama: Still in Title Talk?

The college football TV people still thinks Alabama has a shot at the national championship.

Really? Wow.

The Tide is ranked sixth in the BCS. TCU, Boise State, Utah and Auburn are all ahead of them for the second spot. TCU plays Utah this week, so one team will drop out. And Alabama has its annual showdown with Auburn at the regular season end, so it can make up ground there.

But Alabama still has the TCU/Utah winner and Boise State to leap frog. And this assumes the Tide remain undefeated in their remaining games. That won’t be easy.

Alabama travels to Baton Rouge this week to take on the 7-1 LSU Tigers. LSU has surprised some folks this season and it isn’t out of the question that it could pull out a win Saturday.

Still if Alabama makes it to the Auburn game with all its T’s crossed and I’s dotted, Auburn will make it difficult. Cam Newton and the Tigers will be ready.

So for all you Alabama supporters, go ahead and hope. If the Tide can survive all those landmines, they deserve it.

But I wouldn’t bet on it.

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