Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dan Hawkins Can Rest Now

Colorado fired football coach Dan Hawkins Tuesday. No surprise there. People were planning Hawkins’ football funeral for over a year.

The last straw was losing to Kansas in the fourth quarter last Saturday. Hawkins had to go. His 19-39 record in five years was painful for all who love the Buffaloes.

The talk was Colorado wanted to fire Hawkins last season but couldn’t afford the buyout in these tough economic times. But a program can take so much suffering and it was time to say good-bye.

But if I was Hawkins, I would be relieved. No more being on the national hotlist firing talk. No more wondering about his status. No more listening to the persistent rumors. It is all over. Done. Finished. Even in defeat, Hawkins must have some peace now.

Hawkins will be okay. He’s a football coach. He was successful at Boise State and he will find success again. He will land an assistant’s job somewhere or maybe a head coach at a lower Division I school.

It will be interesting to see who Colorado hires. Brian Cabral was named interim coach. He has been a loyal assistant for 21 years. Why not give him the head job? I understand he is player’s coach and a good guy. And I bet he would come at a reasonable price.

There is some mention of Colorado bringing back Bill McCartney. McCartney had major success in Boulder and guided the Buffs to a national championship.

But at age 70, does McCartney really want to return to Boulder? Does Colorado really want him?

This is a key hire for Colorado. The Buffs want to make a splash when they move to the Pac-10 next season. Plus, Colorado has been on the highest mountain and it wants to return.

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