Friday, April 16, 2010

Is It Time for a Help Wanted Sign?

Iowa State announced yesterday that yet another Cyclone basketball player is leaving the program. Iowa State has lost so many players since the season's end that fans will really need a program to learn the players next season.

Here is the current count: three transfers, one declaration to the NBA and one denied another year of eligibility. That leaves just six scholarship players remaining from a 15-17 year.

Who is really to blame the players or the basketball environment? A team expects some turnover each season due to transfers, graduation etc. But this is getting to become a pattern at Iowa State and this year is the worst.

Iowa State coach Greg McDermott is under enough pressure already. I blogged before that I believe next season is a keep-your-job-or-lose-it one. McDermott needs success or I predict he is gone.

But all this departure news makes next season's success highly doubtful. And some question whether coaches really do earn their money.

Anyway you look at it, McDermott and Iowa State have a big problem. They need players and players who want to stick around for a good while. Maybe they should post some help wanted signs.

Iowa State fans are a patient group. But these turn of events must challenge the most optimistic Cyclone fan.

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