Thursday, April 1, 2010

Talking Final Four

My heart says Butler, Butler and Butler in the opening semifinal NCAA game Saturday. However, my head says Michigan State, Michigan State and Michigan State.

The Butler Bulldogs are the darlings of the Final Four. It's a mid-major, undefeated team playing in college basketball biggest event in the Bulldogs' home city of Indianapolis. It's the new kid against the standing invitation-type in Michigan State. Butler will no double experience nerves, the Spartans will look at the game as another step on the journey. They will leave their nerves in the locker room.

America will favor Butler. Michigan State will rally around the 'us against the world" theme. Tom Izzo is a master motivator and will use anything in the rah-rah line to gain an advantage.

I look for Butler's magic slipper to drop in a competitive game.

In the second game, my head says Duke, Duke, Duke. My heart says I don't care, I don't care and I don't care.

Maybe West Virginia is a nice story playing in its first Final Four since the 50s. But I doubt if I will watch much of this game. This eastern battle brings me no anticipated excitement.

So, I'm looking for Michigan State to play Duke in the final Monday night.

What excites you about this year's Final Four?

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